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Daily Learning Notebook: Kindergarten - PDF


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Good morning everyone! I created a new Kindergarten Daily Learning Notebook specifically designed with kindies in mind!

If you're finding my Preschool Daily Learning Notebook too easy, but some of the things in the Elementary Daily Learning Notebook too hard, this one is for you! I also had a few extra things that I wanted my kindergartner to work on each day like extra numbers and letters.

Note: This product is a PDF download and has 164 pages.

So what is included in the daily learning notebook?

  • Days of the Week
  • Months of the Year
  • Numbers
  • Letters
  • Weather Graphing
  • Handwriting Practice

Weekday Sheets:

Each day students will fill out the appropriate sheet for the current day.

They will locate today’s number date in the circles provided, and write the number for today in the green box, the number that comes before it in the yellow box, and the number that comes after in the purple box.

On the bottom line, write in the number word. For example if today’s date is January 1, today’s number is 1, previous is 0, next is 2, and today’s number word is “one”.

There are number word cards included that you can place inside the page protector so students can trace over the number words instead of writing them on their own if needed.


Weather and Time:

Have students write in the current time in digital format, as well as write hands on the clock. Have students check the outdoor thermometer and fill in the temperature gauge as well as draw a weather appropriate outfit on the paper doll figure.


I can write my name:

Have students do the best job they can writing in their name one time each month for practice. At the end of the year, you can compare their handwriting progress! There are blank sheets provided for extra practice. These lines are smaller than the preschool daily learning notebook to accommodate a kindergartner a bit better.


100 days chart:

Have students color in one square each day they are in school. When they reach the star, have a 100 days party!


Months Charts:

Have students trace the current months name, then write in the day’s number each day to fill in the calendar for each month.

Weather Graph:

Have students color in one box for the type of weather they are having each day in school. At the end of the month discuss which type of weather they had the most/least of.


Number Pages:

Have students color the number and then trace the number word. you can also have them stamp or paint the large outlined umber, or glue the correct amount of objects to it as well.


Letter Pages:

Have students color in one letter page per week based on which letter they are working on that week. Have students sound out pictures on each one, and think of more words that begin with that letter as well.